Amana Waterparks Review


The Good:

Amana Waterparks is very accessible either by car, jeepney, tricycle or bus. If you’re coming from NLEX, just go through the Bocaue exit and then drive straightly to Pandi. You know you’re in the right direction the moment you see Waltermart on the right. From the crossing near the Waltermart, just turn left and then right, where Pandi is located.

The area is not isolated so you won’t worry about flat tires or refuelling. Fruits, water, drinks and take outs are available along the way. Take note that bringing alcoholic beverages and soda are not allowed in Amana as there as stores inside where you can buy soda. The parking lot is spacious. The ticket booth opens at 8:00 AM ; you need to come there earlier during the peak season to avoid the long queue of  customers. Tickets cost PhP200 for children and PhP250 for adult.

The pools are generally safe for young children and there are at least two life guards per pool. There are life-sized characters for added attraction like the superheroes, robots, minions etc. The pools do not smell of too much chlorine.

The cottages are spacious and clean. There are thrash bins per cottage and there are roving housekeepers for garbage collection.

We brought some fruits with us and to my delight, we did not experience flies flying around our food. There are available barbecue grills for rent (PhP100), too.

The restrooms are clean and well-maintained. There are sinks per cottage area for washing the utensils and food.

For Improvement:

Because we’re just four in a group, (2 adults and 2 children) we availed of the Boracay Nipa Hut and the cottage assigned to us was number 18. The cottage is PhP600 and can accommodate 8 people. Cottage #18 is very near the sink but the problem is the open canal where all the water from the sink falls. The open canal stinks and is an eyesore.

At 1:30 PM last April 25th, it rained hard and to our disappointment, all the water coming from the upper part of the cottage went down to the part of the cottage (#18) where we were staying. The open canal near our cottage was flooded with rainwater so it overflowed.


If you’re looking for a place that is near and affordable, try Amana but please avoid the #11 area on the map because I’m telling you, this area is not comfortable when raining hard.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars