Must Try: Browipes Masculine Wipe

Going to the grocery has always been assigned to me since I can’t remember when. When I was young, I was always careful when it comes to buying grocery items for my father.


“Tet (my nickname at the province), why did you buy this shampoo? It’s too feminine! Tet, why did you choose this powder? I smell funny! Tet, I’d rather use Perla than these fragrant soaps!” —- my father!


Secretly, I hated his being demanding. What’s so different with soap, shampoo or even powder aside from their scent?


Fast-forward to married life, nothing has changed much because I’m still the one going to the grocery to buy items for the family.


At home, we have three sets of items: my grocery items, the kids’ and my husband’s. When we were just starting, I had the same secret resentment because what’s so different with soap, shampoo and even powder, anyway?


The answer is, our men need to celebrate their masculinity, too in the same way that we, women are encouraging girl power. It is the same analogy when it comes to buying other products that have a unisex availability like wipes or more popularly referred to as baby wipes. If a man wants to smell manly, he wouldn’t use baby wipes. Hey, there’s a masculine wipe available in the market, in case you don’t know!


So I ordered a box of Browipes and there comes 30 individually-wrapped wipes. Each wipe costs PhP10.00 and some might wonder why it costs almost thrice the leading baby wipes brand. It all boils down to the type of material used in the production. Browipes is flushable, hence, environment-friendly. It is as soft as a tissue so I recommend to use some layers of dry tissue when using the toilet to avoid the risk of germ contamination.


It is perfect for travellers and it leaves a mild masculine scent on the skin. When water and soap are not available, one can just wipe away facial dirt to refresh one’s aura.


Browipes is inclined to target men who are confidently handsome with a heart. I likened it to Pia Wurtzbach’s famous line because I believe that it is time that we let our men to explore products that will make them happy. It is just like this: a woman can choose to use oil-absorbing film versus plain tissue to remove excess oil on her face. In choosing to use an oil-absorbing film, that woman prioritizes style over practicality and there’s no harm done especially if she’s economically secure. Now, why can’t we let our men find their sense of style as long as he can afford it?







See that logo?


30 sachets in a box.


Back of the sachet.


Front of the sachet.


Soooo soft!


Yes, it is flushable!