Jealousy Kills

An employee of SM Marilao was killed by her husband in fit of jealousy over a text message. The victim was severely beaten that caused her death. The suspect is still at large.

I do not know them personally and I don’t care if there’s some truth to the cause of his jealousy because killing (paricide, at that!) someone is not the solution to one’s damaged ego! I bet that this was not the first time he ever laid his hand on his wife.

Jealousy is a powerful emotion just like envy. A jealous person has no peace of mind, actually. He often thinks that his partner is cheating even when there is nothing to be worried of. His self-esteem is below zero that’s why he needs constant assurance of her love. Younger women blush at the sight of their lover’s jealousy because they equate it to true love. True love is never suffocating; it is even liberating. A woman with a jealous partner always walks on thin ice.

A jealous person’s insecurity is like a bottomless pit. No matter what the woman does for her jealous partner, she can never take his insecurity away especially if the man like in the story above is a jobless or unproductive bum. But there are some who are so successful and yet so jealous. When jealousy strikes, they take another woman to compensate for their low self-esteem.

If a man hits you the first time and asks for forgiveness, maybe you can forgive. If he hits you the second time, prepare an escape plan. Do not wait for the third time because the third time can be your last moment.

For the neighbors and other family members, when too much is too much, remember RA9262. You might be ruining a relationship but at least you’re saving a life.