From Moment to Memory

A moment becomes valuable when it comes a memory.

All of us are guilty of it, one way or another.

When somebody tried to reconnect with us, we become paranoid, defensive and accusatory that that person just need something from us. This is most of the time correct but they need us in terms of emotional connection and not the usual financial assistance that all of us are allergic to.

One of our production workers passed away last night due to motorcycle accident. Some of his friends felt sorry about neglecting his chat messages when he was still alive. It made me go back to the time when my grandmother passed away while I was in another place instead of being with her and my family. I should have stayed but I had other priorities back then.

I also miss talking with my mother. When she was alive, we would start discussing anything under the sun while eating breakfast at 6:30 AM until 9:00 AM. It was just the usual “chikahan at chismisan” between mother and daughter. Whenever I miss her terribly, I go back to the times when she was still with us; a happy reminiscing.

This is the reason why I try hard to connect or reconnect with people; I do not want to miss an opportunity and regret it later. I try so hard to the point of really TRYING so hard; it becomes weird to some of them! Later, I learned that those who want to stay will stay so I should just be cool about it.