2018 Resolution # 2: Loving Mother Nature

One of my resolutions for this year is to be an environmentalist. I know it’s a tough job because I’m used to the convenience of doing things that may harm Mother Nature but I need to be a responsible citizen and I hope that I can convince others to take the road to doing what is right.

Since I was a grade-schooler ages ago, the depletion of the ozone layer has always been an academic topic. It has always been discussed in class. In theory, everyone knows about the harmful effects of chemicals and plastics to the ozone layer and yet in actual, a few of us are bent on correcting or even preventing that damage.

My current residence triggered me to consider cutting down the volume of household wastes because garbage collection in our area is only once a week. Waste segregation is nothing new to me because I’ve been practising that since Baguio and Balanga days. The only thing new in my present endeavour is instead of throwing away the wet wastes like vegetable and fruit scraps, I put them in a plastic bag, topped with a little soil, for composting.

I used to burn dried leaves when I was still living in my hometown. I loved the smell of burning leaves in the early hours of the morning! Now, I see dried leaves as a compost mixture.

Our electric bill is normally high during summer months because of the air-conditioner and fans. In grade school, we knew that plants give off oxygen and take carbon dioxide. They also act as natural air coolants because of this. Since space is limited in our residence, what I planted are dwarf trees that can survive in large pots. I am still on the process of completing our mini-garden. For a beginner like me, I planted plants that do not require special care. Small butterflies visit our mini-garden and I love them! I would love to have a vegetable garden but so far, the only one that managed to survive is the bitter gourd. We are not very fond of bitter gourds but we are “forced” to consume them because they’re readily available. Bitter gourd is good for people with high blood sugar and is said to be a good source of iron.

Last holiday, instead of buying a lot of gift wrappers, I recycled the paper shopping bags into gift wrappers and added some personal touch on them. Recycling takes time and is more expensive than buying a ready gift wrapper but throwing usable paper bags is more impractical.

Bottomline, we can all conserve and do something to be an environmentalist. It will take a lot of time and effort but if we will do these things together, the impact is significant.