Hangar Market in Baguio City


Nothing is really special about Hangar Market except to those who want to give more value on his money as the price of vegetables are cheaper there. Hangar Market is one of my memorable spots in Baguio City because it was there where I used to get my allowance from my parents in the province.

Confused? Don’t be! You see, during the mid-90’s, ATMs were not yet the main mode of monetary transfer. We had telegraphic transfer back in the days but it would take 2-3 banking days before one could claim his money. When the ATM system was introduced to the public, we were one of those who were skeptical about it. A piece of plastic for transaction? You must be kidding!

So, my parents would ask our neighbor in the province to kindly be the “messenger” because he and his mother were in Baguio twice a week, four times a month. They were vegetable dealers in our town and there were times when I would “hitch” on their trip to save travel cost.

Hangar Market intimidated me at first. Thanks to my generous dorm mate who was more than willing to accompany me to get my allowance.