Deadbeat Dads

A deadbeat dad is categorized to be one who does not support his child/children financially. He could be a lazy father who assumed that it is the women’s sole responsibility to raise and support a child. He could be a selfish father who, in spite of earning well, is too tight-fisted to chip in. He could be a fashionista and jet-setter father who prioritizes image more than being a good father. He could be a bitter father who doesn’t care about his children after the separation or divorce. Of course, there are some fathers who would have wanted to support but they are constrained by circumstances to do so. These fathers bring their children to the park, treat them occasionally when there is money and they have genuine love and concern for their children.

To the parents and siblings of a deadbeat dad: the least that you can do is to show your love and concern to your grandchild or nibling. Believe me, the mother of your grandchild or nibling will not demand financial support from you especially if she is capable to raise her child by herself.

To the friends of a deadbeat dad: please, do not be a bad influence! If you think that hanging out in a bar with your deadbeat dad friend is cool despite knowing that he has financial support issues, you are just as part of the problem as he is. Real friends give advice no matter how unsolicited it is.

To the new girlfriend of the deadbeat dad: what’s there to be insecure of? Haven’t heard of a modern family set up? He is an ex for a reason so take your insecurities off and tell him to man up. What goes around comes around. If he was irresponsible to his first child, then chances are, he would be irresponsible to your future child.

To the wife of a deadbeat dad: your husband’s past is something that you should have accepted during your dating period, do not be unfair by tolerating his being a deadbeat dad. If your husband had the child while being married to you, do not be unfair by justifying that the child does not deserve any support. What if the same situation happens to your daughter or sister?

It takes a man and a woman to create a child but it takes a village to raise one. Be part of that village.