On Online Reselling and Pricing

Note: Pictures taken from the web.

My friend resells Richoco Big Rolls for PhP 139.00 each and Super Delight Brownie Bites for PhP60.00. I am surprised to see other online resellers selling these items at PhP200.00 and PhP 100.00 respectively!

Reseller A Reseller B
 Item SRP (PhP) Reseller’s Price (PhP) Profit Reseller’s Price (PhP) Profit Price at 15% Profit


Price at 20% Profit


Richoco Big Rolls 100 200 100% 139 39% 115 120
Super Delight 50 100 100% 60 20% 57.5 60

For the sake of comparison, the table above gives us an idea about how much some resellers are making profit out of their self-proclaimed limited supply of these goods to the market. If that is the rule, then consumers must also be wise in spending their hard-earned money to make the best value out of it.

Consumers must check, check and check about the availability of the goods that he/she wants to buy. Do not believe that an item as rampant as the ones mentioned above is so limited as the appearance of the northern lights.

Check and compare with the other resellers about the price of the product. Check the label and as well as the expiration dates. As much as possible, transact with resellers that are known to you so that when there is a problem with the item, you can easily discuss it with them.

Consider buying wholesale from Duty Free or even at the grocery if you are really into an item. (To date, I have yet to see a Richoco and Super Delight on the display shelf of the grocery.)