The Party, The Mommies and The Writer

Ricky Lo is on the hot seat these days for his controversial write up about Bimby Yap’s no show at his half-brother’s first birthday party. He could not understand why Kris Aquino was fuming mad at his article when he just wrote the truth that Bimby did not attend despite Mic’s invitation.

One would not understand Kris’ over-reaction to the article unless he or she is on the same situation as her.

First, it is obvious that Kris and Mic are on the stage of getting to know each other as parents sharing the same father to their children. Hence, as much as possible, they want to clear the path for a healthier relationship with each other.

Second, we never know if Kris has really earned Mic’s trust and an article with a headline like that might trigger Mic to question Kris’ sincerity about their agreement that Bimby would rather not go to his baby brother’s party.

Third, while Kris is pointing out that she is just protecting Bimby, it is also obvious that she is protecting her relationship with Mic and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is also obvious that Mic is protecting her relationship with Kris that is why her “Italian temper” got into Ricky Lo’s nerves.

On the other hand, I also believe that this issue was blown out of proportion. Had Kris sent a public message to Ricky in a different tone, this issue would just be considered another none-issue or an attempt to sensationalize a tabloid article.