Road Accident

cement I’ve always been paranoid about road safety that’s why I am always alert whenever we are traveling. Yesterday, netizens and tele-viewers were glued to their phones and TV to witness the rescue operation of a family of 5 that was trapped inside their car when a cement mixer fell on them after it tripped over the center island. Looking at the picture above, one would assume that nobody made it but as of last night, the mother and her three children were declared out of critical condition. The father, whose rescue operation was witnessed by many, did not make it. Time was a critical factor to his rescue because he was trapped for at least three hours. Meanwhile, the cement mixer driver has been arrested and put in jail.

How can we really avoid road accident? As a person, we know our capability. If you are a driver, don’t drink when you will drive. Drive within the speed limit. Check your vehicles if it is in good condition for long travels.

As a pedestrian, use the footbridge and cross on the right lane. Don’t assume that your body is made of steel.

As a would-be driver, learn how to drive defensively. Learn the street signs. Learn the traffic rules. Don’t get a driver’s license because you want to drive. Get a driver’s license because you are capable and competent to drive.

As a co-passenger, avoid sleeping on the car. Four eyes are better than one so be alert on the road as the driver. If you are seated on the back, behave. Don’t make a distraction because the driver might miss something on the road. Accidents happen in a split-second.

As a public official and somebody in authority, do your job! Review the traffic route of heavy vehicles. Repair damaged road and as well as broken traffic signs.

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  1. unluckily for them, mukhang oras na ni father. kahit pa sobrang ingat natin meron pa rin talagang mga kupal sa daan. RIP. Actually nadadaan ako dyan sa place na yan.


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