BFF Goals

Steph and Annie used to be my officemates in my first job. The pair was inseparable then and you could feel genuine friendship between the two. Steph migrated to the US sometime in 2005, leaving Annie devastated. Annie was happy for her bestfriend but the reality of living without her was just hard to accept at first. A month after Steph’s migration, Annie sent us an inspirational chain message about the good in good-bye. I felt sorry for her because just five years earlier, I was in the same position when my best buddy left the country to settle in Canada. I did not expect that Annie and Steph’s friendship would survive the test of time and distance.

I was wrong! Very wrong! A few days ago, I saw them TOGETHER in the US through Annie’s Facebook post. I was ecstatic to see them together and I realized that there are really some friendships that are meant to stay, no matter what.

Some friends will be there for you as long as they get something from you.

Some friends will dine with you as long as you have the money and fame.

Some friends will forget about you as soon as they leave.

Some friends will claim that they love you though you can hardly feel it.

I am glad because my faith in true friendship is back. To be a good friend to others, you must accept the other person’s flaws and weaknesses. To be a good friend to others, you must be there during his highs and lows. To be a good friend to others, you must open your heart and soul. Steph and Annie made it and will continuously make it. There’s just so much love to share between them.  🙂