Paranoid, Hoax or Traumatic Truth?

A certain Ralph Miranda appealed to Facebook users to inform him about the location of his girlfriend, a certain Cheanne Diaz, who was said to be riding on a UV express with a driver and two male passengers who were ignoring her pleas to pull off the vehicle.

The last time he saw Cheanne was 11:30 AM in Cabanatuan terminal. Travel time to Cubao would have been 3 hours so Cheanne most likely reached Cubao before 3:00 PM.  There were exchanges of chats between Ralph and Cheanne at around 6:50 PM so if she went straight to the UV express, she would have been travelling for another three hours now.

Ralph got a lot of bashing from the netizens later when he declared that Cheanne was safe and home. A lot doubted his story and some posers made the situation worse for the two. Some called him a paranoid boyfriend while others said that it was just a bad joke or a hoax!

While I was very much relieved to know that Cheanne was safe, there were some questions that need to be answered to set the records straight.

  1. Was the UV express a colorum?
  2. What time did she ride into the UV express?
  3. Which part of the UV express was she seated?
  4. If the driver and two passengers meant her harm, they could have gagged her and nobody would have known. But instead, she was able to chat with her boyfriend until the driver allegedly asked her to stop.
  5. It took her three hours before she finally escaped. Was it because of the traffic situation or she was simply let go after a hold up?

I hope that there are CCTVs around the area so the perpetrators will be caught. No female deserves to be harassed!