Be Your Own Competition

A gardener planted ten seeds in ten different pots and patiently took care of them. Only 9 out of 10 seeds survived to seedling-hood no matter how much the gardener put his love and care on all of them. Five out of the 9 seedlings grew much faster and taller than the rest. On the 4th month, only one plant stood out, both in height and  beauty. Genetics could be the factor why it happened because even if all of them were nurtured equally, this plant was destined to stand out from the rest. Not that being short is bad, but we need them as a background to highlight the beauty of the tallest plant.

We all want to be successful in life but no matter what we do and no matter how hard we work to make our life better, there will always be somebody that will be ahead of us. It doesn’t mean that we didn’t work harder, it’s just that not everyone is meant to be the center of the universe. The beauty of the solar system does not solely rely on the sun but on the planets and stars around it. There can’t be a universe without every single particle that needs to keep it going.

My own competition is myself and the way I compare myself with my past self because comparing my life with another person is simply not apples to apples from the DNA to the environment or situation that we are into. We are unique as a person and the life that we have might have some similarity with somebody but if we will dig it deeper, there are more differences in almost every aspect.