Safety Issues Must Be Addressed ASAP

Two days ago, a former dorm mate in college sent a photo of a burning building in London. Her job is a 5-minute drive to the Grenfell Tower so the picture is a first-hand account of what is happening there.

At first, I thought that it was a terrorist attack like the 911 until I took the time to read more about it last night. The devastating inferno was caused by a fire that started on the 4th floor. The culprit was a defective fridge that exploded. The fire could have been contained had the aluminum claddings were not stuffed with foam. Foam is a highly combustible material and while it is a good insulator, it is prone to aggravating even just a small fire. There was said to be a formal complaint years ago by the homeowners about the unsafe condition of the building but it just fell into deaf ears. Now, this catastrophe will serve as an eye-opener to all of us that as far as health and safety is concerned, there is no reason to delay what needs to be done.