From Friendship Game to Love Game

Written for a fictional character in June 6, 1996.

I used to play the game of friendship

I don’t want commitment and relationship

I considered love as something wicked

For the many hearts it deceived


Years have passed so easy

I became the source of pain for somebody

I did not consider his wounded heart

He who was true from the start


About last year, another player came

And so I thought, he could be another game

But he was quite different from the rest

His unique qualities made him the best


I pined and dreamed for his company

A no-strings attached relationship, actually

I can’t afford to lose this game

But I had no idea he was thinking of the same


Everything went on smoothly

Except that I’m falling in love with him terribly

Oh, why can’t I live without him now?

I can’t tell myself why or how


So I decided to call it quits

I don’t see myself as somebody sweet

He is melting my whole self bit by bit

It’s time for love to take a back seat

Before I could speak anything

He kissed my lips in total passion

Perhaps he sensed what I was thinking

My heart-of-stone is melting in this romantic union


Yes, I used to play the game of friendship

But ours is now an everlasting relationship

His love made my heart open and tame

We are now on the same level of playing the love game