Forced Into Healthy Eating

My last executive check up was December 2016. My cholesterol level and uric acid level were both high but did not require treatment, only diet. I did not take it seriously because I’ve always succeeded in lowering them during the previous years. I continued to eat fatty and salty foods.

Last week, I noticed ticking under my eye. The left side of my face seemed tired, too. I panicked when I felt like I was floating! Could this be early signs of stroke? I hope not. Because I was in denial, I proceeded with the day’s task until I confirmed to myself that something was really not right in my body. The next day, I went to the company clinic to check my blood pressure. The initial reading was 130/90 so I asked the nurse that I needed to see the company doctor. The company doctor got another reading and this time, it was 130/100! She prescribed antihistamine for me to relax because that BP reading did not require anti-hypertension drugs yet.

My children are still small and they need a mother to take care of them. I’ve been abusive to my body and disregarded the executive check up results. Yesterday was a wake up call to give up my salty foods and coffee vices and start eating more healthy foods.

Good thing, my officemate is into healthy eating and she also sells fruit and vegetable snack in the office. Instead of coffee, I now resort to drinking more water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Last night’s meal was light as compared to my heavy dinner the previous days. Then, I need to learn how to unwind because mental stress triggers high blood pressure, too.

I hope to see positive results in six weeks!