It’s Not About The Other Person

Have you ever felt great insecurity over another person?

He doesn’t have to be a love rival or a direct competitor but his actions are enough to make you feel less worthy.

I’ve been there, I’ve done that and this is what I realize: it’s not about the other person’s actions that make me feel insecure but a reflection of my own perception about things that are non-existing. It’s not about the other person’s initiatives that get into my nerves but my own silent admission of helplessness and uselessness. Hurting one’s ego even if it’s unintentional is enough to knock down one’s common sense. And if a person is sensitive, the more she becomes prone to insecurity attacks.

I acknowledged the fact that I was insecure and feeling unworthy. To address that, I found ways on how to be of value. In short, I managed to bounce back from the imaginary hole that I put myself into.

The next time you feel that a person is “epal,” ask yourself if it is just insecurity that’s eating you.  🙂