ECU at the Capitol Medical Center

Health is wealth and if your company pays for your annual physical exam, then by all means, comply!

I am entitled to the following for my executive check up (ECU) at the Capitol Medical Center in Quezon City: FBS, cholesterol, ECG, stress test, pap smear, chest x-ray, pulmonary check up, eye check up or ENT, urine test and stool test.

For FBS or fasting blood sugar, the last meal must be 8-10 hours away from the extraction. I took my last meal at 11PM so I’m good until 9AM. Beyond the 9AM cut-off, I’m already at risk for over-fasting. The male attendant brought me to the extraction area and good thing, the one who performed it was so efficient; I didn’t feel a thing!

Second test was the chest x-ray. The radiologist asked me to remove my bra and retain my t-shirt. There was no need to use a lab gown, he said. He asked me to put my hair in a pony tail then we proceeded with the xray. Extraction up to the xray just took me 10 minutes.

The attendant asked me to have my breakfast and go back to his office after 30 minutes. My initial plan was to drink coffee at a nearby coffee shop but I remember him telling me that anything with caffeine must be avoided for the stress test. I just went to the cafeteria to order omelet, ham and rice. It was not good as I expected but I needed to eat for energy.

After finishing my meal, I rested at the lobby area, withdrew some cash at the ATM and refreshed at the restroom. As agreed, I went back to the attendant’s office for the next test, the ECG.

The ECG lasted for about 15 minutes including the preparation. After the ECG, I proceeded to the treadmill area for the stress test. Passing rate for the stress test is 85%, I survived until 92%. My legs were aching and I felt uncomfortable, too. The first stage of the stress test was just the walking speed, followed by brisked walking speed and then, the inclined brisked walking. I don’t know what the next two stages are.

The result of my x-ray was read to me by a pulmonary doctor at the old building. The result was good so there was nothing to worry about.

Next was the dreaded pap smear performed by an OB-Gyne; it did not hurt but the instrument inside my vaginal canal was awkward. The OB-Gyne said that to have accurate results, women must avoid having sex two days prior to the pap smear.

The last was the ENT exam. The doctor said that enlarged lymph nodes at the nape area must not be taken for granted as it could be a sign of throat cancer. He checked my tonsils and throat for any abnormality and as well as my nose.

“You are perfectly okay! Get back to work!” he said.

It was the sweetest thing to receive from a doctor–the assurance that your body is still functioning well and you can still do the things that you need to do.