The Birthday Surprise

October 2003.

I rendered overtime with my bestfriend. I wanted to forget that that day was my birthday. I could have went home to my family and celebrate there but I chose to stay at work and just let the day pass.

You texted me a birthday greeting. Tears fell down my face. Just a month ago, you transferred to the big city to start a new career. I was left by myself and I felt so alone.

You said that you have a package wrapped in pink. I was anticipating that it was a ring.

“If you want her, put a ring on it!” I could hear Beyonce’s words.

You texted to ask where I was. I said that I intend to go home very late.

You said that I should not be working late on my birthday.

And advised me to just have dinner with my bestfriend.

Alma and I were walking when somebody put an arm around my shoulder.

My first reaction was to fight; Alma was just as equally shocked.

Then Alma’s reaction shifted from fear to joy.

It was you, yes you, clad in pink!

You kissed me and said “Happy birthday!”

It was the best birthday surprise of my life!

Years later, you broke my heart and we parted ways.

Yet that birthday surprise is still in my memory.

Thank you for this memory, it is worth remembering.

Thank you for loving me before!




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