Peace Starts Within Us


Young Syrian boy. Photo courtesy of Yahoo News.

I feel bad for 5 year-old Omran Daqneesh, the young boy from Syria who was a victim of airstrike. While boys of his age are fighting over toys or ice cream, there he is, shocked and zombie-like.

While some people are worrying over what food to eat for dinner, Omran is probably worrying about the next airstrike.

While some teenagers are complaining about their lovelife, Omran is probably figuring out if he will get the chance to go to school, grow up and marry someday.

While some religious groups are bickering and putting each other down, Omran is probably praying for world peace.

While most of us are complaining about how little we have in life, how stressful our job is, how inconsiderate our boss is, how lazy our children are; Omran is probably wishing for a safe place to stay. Just a safe place.

Most of us feel bad for not being rich enough, not being beautiful enough, not being loved enough; Omran probably needs a warm hug and a mother’s love.

We always blame the government, the people who betrayed us, the exes who left us, the traffic, the pollution, global warming, even same-sex marriage—-yet we spared ourselves from blaming ourselves.

We demand for love yet we give conditional love.

We demand for a good life yet we are too lazy and incompetent to build a better life.

We demand for a good relationship but we are the ones destroying our relationship.

We demand for peace yet most of us are superficial.

We become too affected by one horrifying picture yet we’re just like that—affected!

We don’t lift a finger to help because we’re afraid of the responsibilities.

And those who must be responsible do not want to be responsible.

Make a difference each day. Think of Omran. Think of the other children who are suffering.

Be a better person. Be a compassionate person.

Find out how you can help others.

Peace starts within us.