A Generation of Intellectuals?

To those of you who have young children attending nursery, preparatory and even grade one, please enlighten me.

I am in between amused and irritated with my sons’ school curriculum. The older one is in grade one with eight subjects including Math and Science. I can forgive the Science part but not the Math. Comparing it with the Math that I had in the 80’s, today’s Math is for grade 3 pupils before!

Let’s now talk about the younger one who is in kinder. He has 4 subjects including Math again. But hey, his Math could pass for a grade 1 Math in the 80’s!

Enlighten me because I find nothing beneficial in forcing our young children to process these difficult lessons. In all fairness to my sons, they are doing well in school. They may not be on the top 5 of their class but they understand each lessons.Forty percent of that understanding comes from our regular one-on-one sessions. I try to explain to them through visual aids how 6 is greater than 5 and why 3+3 and 4+2 will both give them 6.

Enlighten me if our goal is to create a generation of intellectuals because I feel that my sons are not yet ready for that. Sure, they are not failing but they are neither excelling. And between excelling and understanding, I will always choose the latter because what I want to raise is children who know how to analyze,not memorize.

Enlighten me if I am just being paranoid; that line of 8’s on the card is just okay as long as they are passing the curriculum. Adi finished kinder 2 with good grades but grade 1 is another battle; a difficult battle.

Enlighten me if part of this curriculum change is teaching our children how to deal with stress. Because I feel that sometimes, I become their source of additional stress whenever our one-on-one sessions become emotional.

While the enlightenment from you is not yet available, I will continue to support my children in their endeavors be it a failure or a success. But there’s one thing that I will avoid my children from doing and that is to memorize each lessons instead of understanding them.