The Diary

Looking at the clock in this rainy afternoon.

Then opened my journal to read my past posts.

I saw your hellos and good days.

Those were the days of confusion and excitement.

I remember those days and how emotions were high.

You asked me if I love you, I told you that “you should know by now.”

Because the question is not how much love is there; the question is until when will that love last?

On the hindsight, I knew that that love wouldn’t last.

We were just stressed out with our every day life.

We needed somebody to listen; a diversion.

Until I felt that I was falling for you and that was a big mistake.

I felt lost a couple of times.

That love could never be reciprocated.

There were things that were not meant to be.

That included you and me.

Thank you for the love, if what you felt was indeed love.