Shakey’s Supercard is NOT for Us


We just had dinner at home but decided to park at Shakey’s and order something for the kids while waiting for my daughter who’s on the way . Since all of us were still full, we just decided to take out 1 order of pizza. My husband and the server were the ones discussing. One order of pizza would cost us PhP430.00. Then the confusing part came when the server asked us if we were interested to avail of the buy one-take one + free 1.5 liters of Coke promo at a price of PhP 469.00. Of course, it sounded like a great deal so we said, it was okay. Then the server came back with an application form and hurriedly left. I asked my husband what was that form for and he said that I just had to fill it up.

When the bill came, we were charged with PhP1,089. I asked him the breakdown of the PhP1.089 because from what I remember, the pizza was only PhP469.00. He said that the supercard costed around PhP400+ so I answered that if that was the case, then we should be charged with less than PhP1,000. I probably missed something when we were taking our order earlier but had it was clear what a supercard was, I wouldn’t think twice of not accepting his offer for the following reasons:

  1. Since October 2015, I decided to remove pizza on my diet. The last time I tasted a pizza was during an officemate’s birthday last March.
  2. Our kids would pick Jollibee, McDo and KFC over pizza so getting a supercard would not be advantageous.
  3. I am not a fan of cards except the Mercury Drug card and SM Advantage Card.

The server left and talked with his manager. I followed him and demanded an explanation why the whole thing was never explained to my husband and I thoroughly. PhP1,089 maybe a small amount but what angered me was the way this whole promo thing was not properly explained to us. I demanded to cancel that card and just revert to our original order (1 pizza for take out) then I went back to the waiting area.


The manager probably thought that we were after the free pizza and Coke so he approached me to remind me that what we ordered was the 1 pizza+ free pizza + free Coke to which I clarified that “No! Just refer to our original order!”

To cut the long and stressful situation short, they cancelled the supercard and we got our original order. In all fairness, the manager was cool and professional. He apologized and I did the same thing.

Lesson Learned:

  1. To the customers like my husband and I, if you are not familiar with the promo, ASK MORE questions. Don’t assume that you have understood everything because getting a card might not be advantageous to you if you are like us who are not frequent pizza eaters. ASK if the card is free. (Example: SM offers a free advantage card for a minimum worth of initial purchase.)
  2. To the management team of any business establishments, GIVE your customers time to ASK questions. Clarify if the customer understands what he’s getting into. ALWAYS give the breakdown of charges during the sales talking so that the customer can be made aware of what he needs to pay.