The Performance Bonus

Boss went to my cubicle just a while ago to ask if I’m aware of the performance bonus that’s scheduled to be given (through payroll) today.

Boss: Are you aware that today is the release of the bonus?

Me: Of course, Sir—look at what I’m doing.

I gave him a glimpse of my online banking then minimized the screen.

Boss: How was it? It’s not as big as last year because the pie also decreased.

He sounded curious and sympathetic and in my most cheerful mood, I replied.

Me: Sir, I’ve never complained about my bonus ever since. Big or small, I’m always grateful. What I want to achieve for 2016 is to be more productive and useful and the reward will just follow.

Sounds fake but I really mean it.

Money is not everything, dear!

I am happy if I am productive and useful.

Thank you, Lord for the gift of gratitude!


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