She was my BFF from 2007 to 2009. She was like my younger sister. She was sweet but

could be bothersome at times. We became close after our boyfriends dumped us. Misery

loves company–well, that’s true on our case.

We would dine out every night except during weekends.

We would go to the mall; me for a much-needed facial while she, window-shopping.

We would talk about boys, both admirers and those that we did not like.

She would push me to be in a relationship with a guy that she felt was right for me then

I would scold her for being too comfortable with a common friend who was committed to

another girl.

We would cry over our heartaches; well, she had a harder time moving on so she

shed more tears than I. But just the same, feeling her pain was enough to reduce me

to tears.

We had a company outing at the beach and both of us rocked in our own way.

I miss you, Princess and all the crazy things that we did.