An Entity In The Dark

Lunch date with office mates.

We discussed about how the ExCom went through yesterday. Nothing juicy about it, the two of them said.

Then one of them remarked that I should also attend the ExCom with my boss.

I told him that I don’t attend ExComs because nobody requires me anyway and I put it that way—no big deal!

He said attending ExComs and being in the company of the top management is a privilege. I agreed to him. They are privileged and the antonym of it is, I am not privileged! LOL.

Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong if I become the “taong-bahay” every Thursday. In the same way that, I won’t complain if my boss tells me to go to the Head Office during ExComs. I don’t see myself as a very important person to protest. I don’t see myself as a somebody at work to be acting like a prima donna.

Being a manager is only a title but it does not define the totality of a person. I just want to help and to serve and be productive at work. I want to learn new things and excel at it. I have personal plans and I think I’m on the right track. 🙂