I guess people see me as somebody trustworthy enough so they don’t feel awkward in sharing their life/love story. Somebody asked me about my opinion on closure. I told her that the moment two people fall apart, that’s closure; no more no less.

Why do we have to romanticize the end of any relationships? It must be the inner struggle to let go of the person and come to terms of accepting that things do really come to an end.

Why do we even bother to know the reasons behind the other person’s change of heart when it’s quite obvious that he/she just fell out of love? It must be the secret hope of winning back the other person and continue whatever is left of the relationship.

More often than not, we cling to the beautiful memories of the past because it feels good to be reminded that once in our life, we were happy with the other person and we wish that that moment will be duplicated. But we fail to recognize that people change, either for the better or for the worse and that we just need to accept if the other person is no longer into us.

Closure is like the ending of a chapter in a book, keeping it in a year and then reading it again to find out that you have a different interpretation of the paragraphs. With another year of closing it and leaving it as is, you become more mature and see the broader scenario instead of confining to what you initially thought the plot is all about. Then comes another year of leaving it as is and then re-reading it until you fully understand that there are paragraphs that are nice on the eyes to read but do not necessarily have an impact on what you currently believe as a person. It’s like a past relationship where you’ll be fascinated to discuss about but not necessarily wish for a second chance.