Careline Eyeshadow


  1. Handy
  2. 15 colours per palette to choose from
  3. Affordable- PhP 85 only! Can you believe that?
  4. Goes well with my sensitive skin.
  5. Lasts up to 4 hours if you have a normal skin and you’re in an air-conditioned environment.


  1. As compared to the other more expensive brands, Careline eyeshadow does not possess the richness of colour.


If you’re a student who’s just beginning to explore on using make up, this one’s for you.

If you’re an office girl who works in an air-conditioned environment, try Careline.

If you have an oily skin, this product might disappoint you because you need to retouch every now and then as this doesn’t have a rich colour that lasts longer.