In relation to my previous post about the photo album that I intend to deliver to my ex through a common friend, my final decision is to burn it when I get home later.

I don’t need to keep an item that’s not even mine in the first place. If the owner does not want it back, I don’t want it and I don’t need it either. It’s not my memory for me to keep. I had the best intention for giving it back to him but it seemed that his party misinterpreted it.

Anyway, you might ask why should I use a middleman to send the album back. In 2011, I offered to send it back to him but we did not agree on some things like where to send it and to whom should I send it. Logically, my name couldn’t be seen on the sender part because his wife might misinterpret it. A meet up was not possible because to be honest, while I missed the person during those times, my values as a married woman held me back.

So last Thursday, while running through some stuff, I saw his green album again and decided to let it go forever. This is kind of symbolic because I intend to let go of the person as well. Not that I haven’t moved on because I already did a year and a half after the break-up but I want him to be totally out of my life. I guess that the feeling is mutual; our family has something to do with it. No, my husband is never mad at him or at the other ex–I am fortunate to have found a very secured man who does not give a damn about my exes.

Let’s just put it this way—people move on and let go at different time phase. If a person does not cherish anymore an item that reminds him/her of an ex and consider it as clutter, then that person has totally eliminated that affection from his/her system.