My Ex’s Photo Album

He was probably so in love with me before so he asked me to safekeep his photo album containing his childhood photos with his family and his photos with his officemates.

I was probably so in love with him even after the break-up so I took care of his photo album.

In 2011, I asked him if he wanted to have it back but it didn’t push through for a number of reasons. Maybe I was still emotionally attached to him and losing his childhood photos would mean a disconnect from his life so I didn’t push the idea.

I’ve been keeping the album for 9 years now after the break up. Coincidentally, it was on a cold January morning when he said it was over between us. It took me a total of 9 years to finally accept and move on with my life without traces of his memory.

It’s not that ours was a tragic love story as there were good times, too. But I stopped caring about his memory and its preservation. It’s not that I hate him, I just moved on without a trace of hurt or bitterness.

I asked a common friend if he wanted to be the middleman for the package but he seemed apprehensive because he was afraid that my ex would take it negatively. I told him to ask my ex if he wanted his album back or I’ll just burn it because I don’t need it either.

His album is not for me to keep. Being a sentimental person, I assumed that his wife and kid/s would love to see his childhood through the photos. But if my ex says that the album is no longer important to him, then I’ll do the honor of burning it to kill the memories it brings to the real owner and the keeper.