Belladonna Bag


Affordable and chic.

I seldom buy bag. Correction, I seldom buy any stuff unless I really need to replace an old one. Most of the bags that I use were hand-me-downs from my late mother. She had good taste in bag and she was a BIG bag lover so she left me with more than thirty bags. Out of those bags, I only took around five bags–the rest were given to family and friends as souvenir.

I was looking for a good bag; one that can fit in my folding umbrella, make up kit, wallet, coin purse and reading glasses. A good bag for me is one that is water resistant, has durable strap and one that can stand. Of course, a Louis Vuitton is out of the question though I’m tempted to buy a Neverfull. Yeah, Neverfull is so old school for LV lovers but I’m not really into designer stuff and it’s the model that I am most comfortable with. I guess that’s another story because in the end, I chose to find another bag and put my hard-earned money into better use.

I found this peach Belladonna bag on the lowest portion of the rack. If you would not bother to look at each bags per layer, you wouldn’t notice this hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. The body is trapezoidal and can fit in my stuff neatly into three compartments. The handle looks durable and the color is very feminine. There’s a mini-bag to complement it and I use it during days of worship. Without looking at the tag price, I thought I would have paid around PhP 5,000 but hey, I got this bag on a sale so I only paid around PhP1,200; original price was around PhP2,500.

If you are a student or somebody who prioritizes putting her money to better use, you might want to try a Belladonna. 🙂