They Were Just Kids (Tagaytay Car Crash)

I feel sorry for the parents of the victims of the recent car crash in Tagaytay.

To those who are criticizing the kids because “tinakas lang ang sasakyan” and the parents did not know about the road trip, please stop. They were just kids; just send your condolences to the family of the victims. Your tactlessness wouldn’t help to ease the parents’ pain.

They were just kids who wanted to explore. All of us wanted to prove ourselves when we were younger. We wanted to be free to prove that we could do things. We wanted to go places but always had the intention to come back home. We believed that the kids from the TV series Beverly Hills 90210, TGIS and Tabing-Ilog were the coolest; and we wanted to be like them. We wanted to prove mommy and daddy that we survived traveling at night. We just laughed at their concern but deep inside, we were so touched by their love.

Yes, they were just kids and for sure they were sorry they offended their parents. The last one alive must be crying not just out of physical pain, but more of the thought of not seeing her family again. So please, don’t be hard on them. They were just kids who unfortunately had to go ahead of us.