Death of a Pet

Somebody ran over our kitten this morning. I do not know who did it and I have no intention of pointing fingers. It must be an accident. I feel guilty for not being responsible enough to look for Mona (kitten) the night before it happened.

I was frantic when I found out that the reason why Mona was not running towards me was because of an injury. I felt so helpless just looking at the poor injured kitten; I knew it would just be a matter of hours before Mona would succumb.

Only pet owners and pet lovers can understand the bond between an animal and the owner. We give our pets time, love, devotion and spend a little money for giving them a better life. I was never into pets until my son influenced me.

Some people will say that animals are just animals with a value lower than human. For me, some animals are created to give us happiness and some, to provide us food. But even the killing of animals for food must be done in an ethical way.

Just like what my BFF said, I should move on and treat the incident as a lesson—to be more responsible as a pet owner (buy them a cat litter, know the number of the vet)

I am still grieving and I will surely miss Mona. It’s heartbreaking to see her die that way.