The Fish

Swimming and swirling inside the aquarium
Until a spectator caught its attention
Eye to eye, they connected
Heart to heart, they understood each other

Swimming and swirling inside the fake corals
Waiting and watching for the spectator
Until finally the feeds were given
It can now eat and sleep peacefully thereafter

Swimming and swirling inside the aquarium
Proving to the spectator that it could also fly
The air is cold, the surroundings are dry
The fish is out of the water at last

The spectator took the little creature elsewhere
Aware of the danger; the lack of water could bring
The fish trusted him, though dizzy and weak
It could see the pearls of the ocean so deep

The fish and the spectator watch each other
The former is sick and dying the other one is experimenting
Finally, the latter put it back to where it belongs
To the walled spaces of the aquarium where he could just look on