The Women in Vic Sotto’s Life

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The World of Second Chances

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Tall, slender and possessing an animalistic appeal, that’s how women view Vic Sotto. I don’t know the many women of his life so I’ll just discuss the most unforgetable ones.

Let’s start with ex-wife Dina Bonnevie. I was a young girl when they aired their comedy sitcom, 2+2. I think Mayor Herbert Bautista was in that sitcom, too. I forgot Herbert’s loveteam though. Dina is not only beautiful, she’s also intelligent and smart. In that 1980’s sitcom, I remember that toddler Danica was also in the cast. Then came their separation and the sitcom was put to end. As a young child, I thought they were a happy couple. Dina and Vic were such a nice couple, sayang! At least they produced two beautiful kids; Danica and Oyo Boy. After her failed marriage, Dina became one of the top dramatic stars in the 1980’s and 1990’s. And who can ever…

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