Some Ice Creams Are Not Meant For Us

I love ice cream; double Dutch in particular.

We live in the countryside so I’m limited to buying any available flavor of an ice cream.

Some two weeks ago, after the kids’ check up at their pediatrician, I decided to bring home a gallon of my favorite ice cream. I lined up at the take out counter but the cashier asked me to proceed to another counter.

There was a long queue of customers at the other counter and I didn’t want to be a cause of delay so I readied my cash. The transaction took less than a minute but this bully of a guy had the nerve to indirectly confront me by telling the cashier that customers who did not fall in line should never be entertained. I looked at the guy who said that; surprised by his animosity. The guy was trying to provoke me into verbal argument. I just said my piece and walked away.

While traveling back home, I wondered, “Do I deserve to be verbally abused by a total stranger just because of a gallon of ice cream?”

Some ice creams are not meant for us. LOL.


I love Magnum ice cream and I was thrilled to know that the store near our house was selling it. After deciding which flavor to buy, the store owner told me that that flavor was already reserved for another customer. LOL.

Some ice creams are not meant for us.


At work, there were some assignments that I wished were given to me instead.

Well, instead of feeling bad about it; let me just apply the above principle that maybe, some assignments are not meant for me. Move on. LOL.


I was thrilled to reconnect with some old acquintances. Just like the weight loss plateau, the rekindling of our acquaintanceship came to the point of a straight line—yes, boring and unreciprocated. Instead of feeling bad about it, I just accepted the fact that some relationships are just like an ice cream—it melts and it’s never the same again. :p


When I was a child, my parents buy us an ice cream only during special occasions. Now that I have a family of my own, we eat ice cream once or twice a week. (We’re wary of the sugar, of course!) I don’t understand if the cost of ice cream is more expensive during the 80’s or my kids have a better quality of life than me.  🙂

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