I’m Done With My Yesterday

I’m not a Facebook addict and I’d rather interact with friends in person rather than through social media but this technology helps me to reconnect with people and events from my yesterday so it’s a useful tool for me.

Last night, I realized that I’ve finally come to terms with some of the unhappy events in my past. Accepting the things that made me sad and angry in the past is a long process for me; I actually started this backward journey in 2013 when I reconnected with some of the people that I hurt. Personally, I found it more difficult to face the people that hurt me than apologize to the ones that I intentionally and unintentionally hurt. It was because I’ve readied myself to the rejection (of those people that I hurt) but I was not ready to be hurt again by the people who offended me in the past.

It takes a lot of understanding to forgive those who offended you. It feels a lot better to be free from emotional baggages. When you have finally accepted your past (be it a sad event or people who hurt you), healing takes place and moving forward comes next. There were friends who did not stay with me and I felt very bad about it in the past. Now, I realize that people just come and go but the best ones are the ones who would stay with you through thick and thins.   🙂