Bye, Liezl.

takem from the web

takem from the web

When good people pass away, we feel this empathy for the family that they left behind.

I was eating lunch when I learned about Liezl Sumilang-Martinez’ demise last week. Affected much daw ako, sabi ng husband ko. Affected much as if she’s my friend; she’s not even an acquiantance.

Perhaps I have this soft spot for cancer patients because my mother died of cancer six years ago. Since then, I always get emotional whenever I learn of somebody suffering from the disease. My mother’s cancer pushed my empathy button towards cancer patients and their families.

It was in the 90’s when I first saw Liezl on television while she and her family were being interviewed by the press while pushing their carts at the airport. It was Liezl and Albert’s homecoming and Alyanna and Alfonso’s first time in the Philippines. Back then, I knew that Albert was an actor and I only heard about Liezl being Ms. Amalia’s only daughter.

After that, Liezl became one of the hosts of SST (Salo Salo Together) together with Smokey Manaloto and Anjanette Abayari (the rest, I could not remember; it was a long time ago). I was watching SST because of Liezl. Don’t you agree that she has this certain charisma plus the fact that her face was very pretty, it registered well on screen. If I remember it right, she was already in SST when she had Alyssa. Hindi naman halatang fan ako, ano?

What I liked in Liezl was her simplicity and her devotion to her family, same thing with Albert. Sabi nga namin ng officemate ko, if you have a wife as beautiful as Liezl and a husband as handsome as Albert, panay kang inspired! In their case, it’s not physical beauty that glued them for almost 30 years but their good characters simply complemented each other. In a (showbiz) world where partner swapping, unfaithfulness, separation and others is the norm, their marriage is something that’s worth emulating.