Why Lunch or Dinner Meeting Won’t Work For Me

Taken from the web.

Taken from the web.

My family knows how much I give quality time to eating so any sort of interruption and negativities are a big NO NO.

During breakfast, I have the habit of turning off the morning news so that I can fully concentrate on eating. Morning is supposed to be the most positive time of the day but we’re bombarded with depressing news from the NLEX-hostage taking to the victims of summary execution to the PDAF Scam to the Binay issue etc. The media have the habit of sensationalizing news so expect graphic semi-blurred images of accident victims and even the caterpilar attack in Davao.

At work, selected managers have this weekly lunch meeting for fellowship purpose where they can also discuss pressing issues of the week. I imagine myself being the odd man out if I were in their company because for sure, I would be focused on eating rather than discussing.

I think that modern and fast-paced living is the reason why meals are not as treasured as it was generations ago. People would rather hurry finishing a meal than take his time to appreciate God’s graces. As a result, we tend to overeat because an unsatisfying meal will lead to eating a follow-up meal after the main meal.

Relax. Take your 15-minute quality meal and enjoy the taste!