Fabio’s Girls

For the first time, Fabio Ide became the talk of the town when the baptismal photo of his baby confirmed that he, and not Phil Younghusband, is really the father. The posting of this photo did not sit well with Fabio’s girlfriend of one year, Michelle Pamintuan. Heated exchanges of spiteful words were posted for all the world to see and we read an apologetic Michelle at the end of their conversation.

How difficult is it to accept one’s lovechild? How difficult is it to accept one’s past? How difficult is it to raise a child without a partner? How difficult is it to be torn between your child and the love of your life? The main characters in this drama are not even in their 30’s; they’re still young by our society’s standard. Being young, they are more adventurous and carefree—who are we to judge their morality? The most important lesson in their story is Fabio’s acknowledgement that he is the father of the baby; not every man who had casual encounters has the balls to do that and some married men even leave their children for selfish reasons.

Michelle is still young and perhaps, she’s still in the process of accepting the reality that her boyfriend has excess baggage. Accepting the reality takes time and it’s painful but if it’s true love on both ends, they can make it.

I want to give Denise and Melissa the benefit of the doubt that their posting of the baptismal photo had no malicious intention; after all, they must really be excited and happy about the event.
What they failed to recognize was where the problem came from; it was all about Michelle’s reaction. Instead of justifying their action (posting of photo), they should have asked her straightforwardly what her problem was. In doing so, maybe Michelle would have assessed her feelings and realize that her worries were all baseless.