Can We Ever Achieve Peace and Order?

These kids deserve better life.

These kids deserve a better life.

I’ve been very busy with my job since the start of the year so I’m clueless about most of the issues that the world is facing. The attached picture is about a group of Yazidi refugees in Iraq. I do not know how this atrocity started so I’ll just focus on the question “Can we ever achieve peace and order?”

Can we ever achieve peace and order?

Let’s not get too far, in the Philippines, we have our own war against terrorists. Moving closer, some parts of the region still practice clan war. Moving more closer, some neighbors are not even in good terms. Moving more more closer, some families are broken and disconnected because of personal issues.

Terrorism is just like bullying; terrorists show power over the poor victim and they work in groups. It’s the reason why I hate to see any child being bullied; bullying is NEVER normal in ANY society in the same way that terrorizing people is NEVER acceptable for whatever reasons like a religious war.

What we need is a proactive society where people react to the tiniest bit of violence. Terrorist groups yielded power because we underestimated their capacity to grow and wreck havoc.