Clarity of Mind and Judgment

Happy 100 years to my fellow INC members! Let us always put into our heads that this event is for God. To God be the glory!


The Philippine Arena is the world’s largest dome. It put the Bulacan province in the spotlight. Way to go for future events like concerts and sports event. This dome is not just for the INC, it’s for everyone!


I still feel guilty of two things that happened in 1990 and 1997.

1990- My aunt asked me to join her class Christmas party (of course, I was not yet an INC in 1990). She was teaching grade 3 pupils in a public school. The children were very excited to see me carrying a large bag of prizes.

I led the stop dance and declared this boy as the winner. I turned my back to get the prize (6 pieces of Nips chocolate candy) and gave to this boy who I mistook as the one who won. The boy quickly opened the Nips and started eating when one of the girls confronted me and told me that I gave the prize to the wrong person. I thought that the boy was dishonest so I asked him to give the prize to the winner including the pack that he started eating. At that time, I thought that I did the right thing by correcting things. Had it happened today, I would not take back the prize because it’s my mistake to give it to the wrong person but I would talk with the boy to tell him that what he did was dishonest.

1997- I was surprised to see my six-year old brother returning home ten minutes after he left because he lost his five-peso coin. Instead of explaining to him the risk of going back to school with less children around, I scolded him for looking for a five-peso coin. My intention was good but the way I delivered it to him hurt him. Had it happened today, I would still scold him but I would highlight that going to school with less kids around would make him vulnerable to untoward incidents. I would even give him 10 pesos or 20 pesos. I actually want to move on from this incident because I know that my brother knows how much I love him. …and I’ve given him more than 5 pesos in exchange of that! LOL!


Whenever I’m tempted to raise my voice to my kids, I visualize them in their most adorable moments. Of course, I still raise my voice and get mad at them but at the end of each screaming, I see to it that they get my point.

I screamed in pain last night after my toddler slapped my ear. I am suffering from earache since Saturday night, blame it to my obsessive cleaning. My toddler cried.  I showed him my red ear and told him that “Mama’s gonna take a painkiller. Don’t touch Mama’s ear until the earache is gone.”