Hating Corruption

Corruption, corruption—oh, you’re everywhere!
I’m tired of the pork barrel scam! Why do I have a feeling that what we see on
TV is just a show? That Janet Lim-Napoles won’t be that brave to be the mother of all
scammers if it were not for her powerful backers.
What did they just say about coin hoarders? Are they going to put them in jail?
Are they kidding? Then they should start going after scammers and crooks first!

Red tape, nepotism, favoritism—oh, they’re cousins with corruption!
You don’t place somebody in a position where he is not fit for.
It’s like asking a cat to bark.
It’s easier to conspire with someone you’re comfortable with or someone who share
your penchant for money, position and power–that’s the answer.

This isn’t the nation that Jose Rizal dreamed of.
Filipinos are generalized because of the wrong-doings of some; maybe half of the population.
Why would I accept that generalization? Why would us, innocent people, be penalized about
the evil things that our fellow Filipinos do?

Be the change that you want to be. Are you with us?