The Diskarte and Delihensya in Philippine Society

The AVP (assistant vice-president) of one of the departments of the company that I’m working for was presenting a new process. Sensing that the crowd gave him a lukewarm reception, he went straight to the point by saying, “Gusto ko na kasing itama whatever we are doing. Please, tama na ang diskarte!”

I wanted him to expound what he meant by “diskarte” and why he thought of it as something negative when my own experience with a friend reminded me about how we Pinoys thought of it.

Diskarte—make a way out of no way, pretend, solve the problem, never mind if it is not the best solution.

Diskarte—just like what my friend did, he pretended to be something that he was not by tampering his credentials so that he would be marketable to top employers.

Diskarte—solve the problem through band aid solution. The “pwede na yan” mentality of most of us.

Diskarte is delihensya’s close relative. My housemate in college freaked out when our landlady asked her to pay her rent by hook or by crook.

“Eh di dumilihensya ka!” the landlady said.

“Dumilihensya? Ano gusto nyo? Magpokpok ako?”my feisty housemate replied.

While I sympathized with the landlady for not getting her rent income on time, her choice of words left a bad impression on her.

Dilihensya is earning or producing money in a not so modest way.

So why are we immune to hearing these words? It could be because delihensya and diskarte have long been ingrained in our system that we fail to acknowledge that these are not really positive behavior. It all boils down to survival, actually. When one is faced with challenges and the resources are limited, one tries to overcome that challenge; never mind if it’s illegal or immoral.

Would it make a difference if there is genuine brotherly and sisterly love among us so that people would be more honest and helpful?

Would it make a difference if companies would stop discriminating applicants and welcome everybody who has talent and good work ethics?

Since we are members of this society, we are part of the problem so we should be part of the system change.

Let’s change our society for the better!