MH370 Mystery

The fate of the 239 passengers of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 is still unknown. If the airplane nosedived on the sea, is it possible to reach the ocean floor without disintegration? The testimonies of the 19 families who tried to ring their loved ones and were able to connect added more to the mystery. Could they have been hijacked? But if they were hijacked, how come the plane went undetected on the radar?

I would like to believe that the plane landed safely on the forest of Vietnam but for sure, there would be no reception there so a missed call is not even possible. If there is reception, how come not even a single survivor texted for help? If the phone is still reachable, why don’t they track the location? If the plane disintegrated 35,000 feet above sea level, then why are the phones still reachable?

I feel for the families and friends of the passengers. May they find strength and acceptance whatever happened to their loved ones. I pray for the passengers and I hope that they are still alive and just stuck somewhere. I pray for the Malaysian authorities and the countries involved in the search and rescue to be given wisdom and guidance.