My Shift To Generic Drugs

I was not a fan of generic drugs until our company doctor prescribed a generic medicine for my upper respiratory infection last January. Not wanting to sound like a snob, I politely asked why he did not prescribe a branded one. He looked at me, that kind of look that seemed to try to control a laugh, before replying, “Why, you don’t believe in generic drugs?”

I reasoned out that I could not afford to be on extended sick leave so the efficacy of the drug was important to me. The company doctor assured me that the efficacy of the drug that he prescribed was the same as the branded ones except that they were not branded ones!

“Trust me. I wouldn’t recommend something that was not proven to be effective,” the doctor said.

With full confidence on the prescription, I bought the drug at Generics Pharmacy and I was surprised for the 40% cheaper price as compared to the branded one! I took the drug and I was glad that I followed the doctor’s advice because buying a generic drug was worth it.

I know that just like any other commodity, we have a preferred brand when it comes to medicines. I am sharing my experience to those who are open to change and to those with limited money but need to complete a prescription.

Try generics medicine. It’s worth it!