Will You Marry Me?

“Olivia, will you marry me?”

These words caught my attention while I was rushing to work last Friday, Valentine’s Day. My initial reaction was, it must be one of those Palmolive or Ponds advertisements. Little did I knew about the impression that it must be John Pratts proposing to Olivia Daytia or better known as Isabel Oli. The couple denied the involvement and the people were left wondering who this lucky Olivia was.

I love marriage proposals but I don’t want mine to be the center of attention. My husband’s marriage proposal was plain and simple; he went to my apartment one morning, took my right hand and inserted the ring on my right middle finger. It was the sweetest moment of our relationship.

The best thing about a man proposing to his girl is the certainty that he wants that girl to be his wife and to be the mother of his kids. Enough of some men complaining about girls chasing marriage. If a man is certain about his feelings and future with his girl, he will marry her no matter what.