Are We Done Yet?

I was laughing from start to end of the movie, “Are We Done Yet?” It’s a 2007 family comedy film starring Ice Cube. The movie’s message is simple— a house and a home are two different things. A big house does not necessarily translate to the dwellers’ happiness if there are conflicts within them. Some families that live on large houses tend to alienate from each other because of too much space built between them while some families that live on cramped houses tend to complain of lack of privacy from each other.

But what is really a home if a house is not a home? A house is a shelter, our physical protection from sun, wind and rain. A home is where we find emotional protection from the forces outside of our house. Therefore, a home is what every families want to achieve—peace, love and protection.

A house can be a home if every families and even housemates spend some time to bond with each other. There has to be a constant communication to keep that connection. My kids’ yaya noticed that Adi and Robi turn unruly everytime I’m around. In the past, when I was physically and mentally drained due to a day’s hard work, I shunned the kids away but the result was they became more disorderly. When I did the reverse thing like giving them my attention, they behaved.

A house can be a home if husbands and wives love and respect one another. If there is more understanding and acceptance between couples, then there is less to be annoyed about.