Should I Get Worried, Ensogo/Livingsocial?

I am not a fan of online shopping because I prefer to look at the item before deciding to buy it. The reason why I bought a single airbed from Livingsocial (formerly known as Ensogo) is to test the waters before taking the plunge. I bought the airbed last November 22 and when the proof of payment was generated, I was surprised to see the delivery date supposedly on December 20. I called up their hotline number at 555-6868 and they assured me that the shipment timeframe was December 6-20; they will deliver the item once it’s available.I asked if they could make it on December 13 so that there would still be enough allowance for delivery should any problem take place. They agreed.

The shipping address is at my office address since our company is well-known in the area. I called up their hotline last Tuesday to inquire if there’s any possibility to expedite the delivery from December 13 to December 6. The lady customer service representative assured me that she would do her best to expedite the delivery on Friday.

I called up their hotline yesterday morning to inquire the delivery status of the airbed and I explained that the reason why I was calling them since Wednesday was because I needed to inform the guards on duty about the package. Our guards are on a shifting schedule and the person who received my instruction might not relay the message to the incoming shift. The male customer service representative suggested that the rider would text me if he is along the way. It was a nice deal.

Early this morning, I told the guard-on-duty that I am expecting a package but she told me that she would leave in a while so I needed to tell the other guard about it. So anyway, I have informed the outgoing and the incoming shift of guards about my package.

Just to make sure that everything will come out as planned, I called up Livingsocial’s hotline to ask about the status of the delivery.

Livingsocial: Your delivery time frame is between December 6-20.

Me: Yeah, right. I know. I’ve talked with two of your customer service representatives and they assured me that they would expedite the delivery to December 6.

Livingsocial: Who among us did you happen to talk with?

Me: I did not get his name but he’s definitely not you!

Livingsocial: Kasi po, the delivery time frame is December 6-20.

Me: Yeah, I know. Is there a way to expedite it? What’s the problem? (beginning to show signs of annoyance)

Livingsocial: The product is not yet with us……

Me: (very pissed off) So sana, you told me from the start that the product is NOT yet available para the customer can better understand WHY you can’t make it on December 6!

Debah? Why would they print out the shipment date as December 6 if the product is not even available on that DAY. Ano to, lokohan? Stop the BS! Just deliver my airbed and we’re done!

Update: I got my airbed last Monday, December 16! Yey!
I would like to commend two of Living Social’s customer service advocate, Cash and Cris. I am not sure if these are real names though. Cash and Cris were polite and knew how to handle an agitated customer. They knew what to do and offerred a solution to my delivery concern.