Kae’s Case


One of the five suspects in the killing of advertising executive Kae Davantes is now under the custody of the NBI. In as much as I’d like to commend the authorities for solving the case promptly, there are still some questions that need to be answered.

1. If the group tailgated Kae’s car, from where did they start doing it? For sure the CCTV’s can answer that.

2. If robbery or carnapping was the motive, why did they cut off the seatbelt? Why did they gag her with a handkerchief? Kae was alone and they could just fled with her car instead of killing her; unless she knew one of the assailants.

3. How old was the Shann Kervin handkerchief that the assailants used to gag her mouth? If it was a pre-meditated murder, definitely the assailant would use something that would not be associated with him.

4. With sticker or without sticker on the vehicle, isn’t it the subdivision’s guard’s duty to record the plate number of all incoming and outgoing vehicles?

5. If Kae was abducted along the way inside the Moonwalk Subdivision, who was driving the car when they went out of the subdivision?

6. The SOCO recovered some hair strands that belonged to a woman (not Kae). Who is that woman and what is her role in the group?

Kae died of stab wounds. Her mouth was gagged with handkerchied, hands tied with seatbelt. She must have crossed path with an old enemy and given the opportunity and number,they ganged up on her. The woman must be an old enemy or somebody who envied her so much. Maybe the motive was just to scare her but she identified the woman so the group took her to a house to liquidate her. Being amateurs and confused, they dumped her to a bridge in Cavite and went back to Las Pinas to get rid of the car.

The homeowners did not care about seeing the missing Altis because probably, it was a quiet neighborhood where crime rate is low or nil. It maybe another man’s Altis for all they knew.

Conclusion, I don’t believe Samuel Decimo’s story. He must be telling half-truths or he is not the killer at all.